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team-building-and-employee-engagement Your team learning goals are here if you want to: 1 Boost morale and solidify organizational culture 2 Strengthen relationships through shared experiences 3 Inspire a sense of fun and energy for your team
Lead with Frame
leadership development Your team learning goals are here if you want to: 1 Build leadership skills, capacity and confidence 2 Create a culture of innovation and adaptation 3 Close leadership gaps and improve results
CN with frame
communication skills training Your team learning goals are here if you want to: 1 Strengthen team cohesion, collaboration, and communication 2 Increase the effectiveness of meetings, presentations and written materials 3 Eliminate team inefficiencies and tensions that bog down processes
RFS with frame
business and sales development Your team learning goals are here if you want to: 1 Improve customer satisfaction through tailored presentations and conversations 2 Boost sales numbers, upsells and customer retention 3 Increase asks, closing rates, repeat business, and referrals
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high performance learning for high performance results

We’re different.

We are not a training company. Training is limited to what happens on the outside. It’s like following a recipe to reach a fixed outcome. We love a perfect pumpkin pie as much as anyone else, but recipes can’t change teams.

We are a learning company. Learning is about transformation on the inside. It’s about fundamental changes in thinking, acting and being.  We don’t want to give you a pie. We want you to learn how to cook and be inspired to create your own recipes.

We provide learning solutions that inspire results. Whether you want to develop your team’s ability to lead, sell, communicate or have fun, we design programs based on your unique needs.

We know how people learn.

Our solutions are based on research about lifelong learning. We won’t make you read the university papers, visit the labs or study the brain scans. We’ve done all the work for you.

The bottom line is that learning happens through doing. Just as you learn to cook by cooking, you also learn to think by thinking, solve problems by solving problems, face challenges by facing challenges, and collaborate by collaborating.

You can’t be told. You have to do.

People learn through

  • immersion in life-like situations based on real business challenges
  • customized experiences that are personally relevant
  • social collaboration and emotional engagement
  • participant-centred, experiential and highly engaging activities
  • working on achievable, meaningful goals

Learning is fundamentally a social and emotional activity. People learn best when they work together and feel good. That isn’t just rah-rah talk: it’s a fact that appears in every relevant study of the learning brain. It’s a truth that resides at the heart of change. And it’s what we do.

We design what you need.

We never use a cookie-cutter. Once we understand your goals, our customized, interactive and memorable learning solutions create the lasting change you seek.

You want your world to be a better place. You want to honour your commitment to your mission and to your customers. You want to take your team to the next level. That’s where we come in.

We provide learning solutions that inspire results.

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